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The kindergarten is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The kindergarten achieves objectives and tasks set out in the Act on the Education System of September 7, 1991 (consolidated text: Journal of Laws No. 256, item 2572, as amended) and in the regulations issued on its basis.


The kindergarten implements the core curriculum approved by the Ministry of National Education in parallel with the elements of the British Core Curriculum EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).

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The aims of the kindergarten are:

  • taking care of children according to their needs and the possibilities of the kindergarten,
  • supporting individual child’s development,
  • shaping and developing their interests, motivating, facilitating broadening knowledge about the surrounding world,
  • cooperation with family, providing help in raising children and preparing them for school education,
  • shaping the right attitude of children towards their own health and safety and developing their mobility.
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Entry fee – 450 zł is a one-off, non-refundable fee, paid at the time of enrolling the child to the kindergarten, it guarantees the reservation of the place in the kindergarten. The entry fee is intended for the purchase of materials: drawing paper, crayons, plasticine, paints, etc.


The monthly cost of a child’s stay in kindergarten consists of:

Tuition fee – 870 zł.  This is a fixed, non-refundable fee in case of the absence of a child.


Payment details


96 1240 1936 1111 0010 6706 8347

In the title, please write the name and surname of the child and the month for which the payment is made.

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